TraffiGlove X-Dura PU B

TraffiGlove X-Dura PU B TG3220

A lightweight PU Cut Index B glove compliant to EN388:2016. The close fitting design, good abrasion and tear resistance and grip makes it an ideal choice for most general handling tasks in dry conditions. Features 3 exposed fingertips for improved dexterity. EN 388:2016: 4X43B Sizes: 6-11 Pack: 10 Carton: 100


Breathable,Close fitting,Excellent dexterity, highly tactile,Factory sealed ends to eliminate loose threads,Flexible and very comfortable,Unique 3 digit design for dexterity and performance

Ideal For Use In

Carpentry,Maintenance,Mechanical and electrical trades,Second fix installation works


EN 388:4X43B



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